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Our beginnings —  

TOTs began in a small, DC apartment closet… Yes, a closet. Finding a good place to record was hard because the equipment I had just consisted of a $25 microphone (pictured left) and my phone. Because the microphone couldn't adjust or cancel out any background noise, the closet was the best place to record. I began to record episodes amongst my clothes, even having a guest or two cram in there with me just to make sure we could get good sound quality. A few months later, my best friend Chris (pictured below) joined the show as my Technical Producer and took the show to another level. Ryan DeMarco (pictured below) joined the team in Season 3 as our editor and has been making me look good ever since. The show is currently shot and recorded in the TOTs Studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Here we are today, with thousands of listeners and a growing fan base, it's safe to say that TOTs will be around for a while!


Why TOTs?

TOTs stands for Thoughts on Things, because this show is based on talking with people I find interesting on their opinions, feelings, and yes, thoughts, on things.. I came up with the name and acronym during my senior year of college with a mentor of mine and when I realized I could have a tater tot as a mascot, it stuck!