Ben standing in front of a helicopter with another helicopter landing
About THE Host

Hey, I'm Ben Gardner

Nice to meet you, I’m a Salesman, Marketer and Podcaster (obviously).

People say I'm difficult to keep up with, but my socials can help you try!

Who The Hell Is Ben Gardner?

Hi there, I'm Ben, and if you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm the host of TOTs Podcast. In college, I studied marketing and now work in Sales and Consulting full-time. I spend my free time playing sports with friends, shooting pool, and looking for guests to have on the show. I love meeting new people which is where my passion for podcasting comes from. The ADHD means I can’t sit still so trying new things and exploring are at the top of my list.

Why TOTs?

TOTs stands for Thoughts on Things, because on this show, people talk about their thoughts... on things! I came up with it during my senior year of college and loosely based it off of a pen name I had Been using, Thinking I would continue it's use. I have written several books using this pen name but don't plan on revealing I'm the author of them just yet.

picture of camera recorder screen with ben on the set